IT Process Automation


Service Desk Automation

Empower the business users through self-service, and the automated delivery of services through 24 x7 automation service catalog.10 to 40% tickets (incidents and service requests) will get resolved automatically using AutomationEdge. Service Desk automation will help you fulfill common service requests from business users like shared folder access, VM creation, AD user creation, user creation in business applications, employee onboarding and offboarding etc automatically without involving IT.
This will help you reduce costs of support, eliminate errors and achieve greater CSAT due to faster (almost instantaneous) response to users.

IT & Network Automation

As businesses wake up to the power and efficiency of the cloud, they’re setting up DevOps teams and microservices which demand real-time processing, elastic scalability, big data storage capacity and 99.99 percent or more reliability. To meet the new demands required by these business models while keeping costs competitive, data centers have to reduce overheads while improving reliability and performance.

As infrastructure becomes more complex and distributed, there’s an additional argument for robotic assistance. Humans are simply unable to monitor and process the multiple streams of information coming into a data center without making errors or reducing speed and performance. Network downtime is serious enough, but with data breaches now attracting record fines, mistakes can threaten the very existence of a data center.

Self Service Automation

Self-service automation is the process of connecting self-service to other business processes and platforms through a workload robotic process automation solution.Self-service robotic process automation not only accommodates the preferences of end users and customers, but also provides compelling benefits to the IT teams responsible for providing those services. It will provide the feature of empowering end-users with a self-service portal to run predefined jobs and processes through an enterprise job scheduling solution.

Customers will appreciate the convenient access to your service desk and the continuous flow of information provided by the self-service portal. Self Service Robotic process automation helps to reduce the number of calls and the workload in your service organization. With a quick and easy handling, it improves service quality, customer satisfaction, and keeps up productivity levels throughout the company.