Bot Store

Ready Bot Store has many ready to use automations which can be used in the
RPA projects extending from small utilities to full-fledged library of ready
actions for automating a department.
Ready Bot Store is online marketplace for enterprise grade ready-to-deploy
intelligent automation from a vast ecosystem of developers.
When you’re looking to automate a process, task or activity, you can now first
go to the bot store and find out if there are pre-built bots that meet your
requirements. If so, just download and plug them into your process.
You can search for bots by business function, process type, relevant application,
cognitive ability or other attributes that make searching much easier.
Ready Bot Store are constantly adding more and more bots in the Ready Bot
Store, such as:

  •  Ready Bot for IT
  •  Ready Bot for HR
  •  Ready Bot for spreadsheet processing
  • Ready Bot for ERP
  • Ready Bot for CRM
  • Ready Bot for AML
  •  Ready Bot for Google  analytics