Robotic Process Automation


Front office digital transformation

With Front Office Transformation, you can envision, define, execute, and orchetrate high-impact digital capabilities across the customer value chain. Techsol offers services across strategy and innovation, using performance insights to define customer experience. Techsol has robust capabilities in design, operating models, front office services, and integration AutomationEdge RPA with cognitive capabilities deliver a roadmap for business enablement, value realization, and technology execution. Techsol has expertise in aligning with customer experience strategy, cloud services, advanced infrastructure strategy, organizational impact, and agile delivery to strengthen offerings and support. Techsol charts a roadmap to ROI through front office technology solutions.

Back office digital transformation

Back office includes repetitive mundane tasks and consumes huge man hours along with error prone data entries. This causes delays in decision making processes, increases risk of enterprises w.r.t statutory and regulatory compliance.

  1. Invoice processing
  2. Voluminous Data entry
  3. Payroll processing
  4. User termination
  5. Employee on boarding / off boarding

Excel Automation

Excel sheets are part and parcel in any type of organization and worlds most widely used. To make it more efficient excel automation using AutomationEdge RPA is next step organizations are willing to opt. With automating excel using RPA, organizations can avail below business benefits.

  1. Accuracy and lightening speed of process
  2. Users can work on most productive tasks as they get rid of repetitive tasks
  3. Integration with business applications
  4. Automate quickly without programming
  5. Work with in any spreadsheet format

Web UI Automation

PA robots utilize the user interface to capture data and manipulate applications just like humans do. They interpret, trigger responses and communicate with other systems in order to perform on a vast variety of repetitive tasks.
Examples of web UI Automation are

  1. Automate web data extraction to capture and consolidate information from external sites convert them in reports in desired format
  2. Monitoring of website and alert stake holders for outage
  3. Automate web browser actions to login to website and validate information

ERP Automation

ERP’s are known as enterprise wide large applications used extensively for performing and recording of business transactions. ERP’s can be further automated quickly using AutomationEdge RPA’s to reap business benefits. AutomationEdge RPA framework can bridge the gap between legacy ERP processes and modern automation. RPA enables organization to retain the benefits of legacy applications while leveraging advantages of modern automation. To put it simply, with RPA the use of ERP becomes easier.The combination of ERP and RPA enabled organizations to unleash the real power of ERP systems with higher precision and efficiency.
Few examples are

  1. Bank reconciliation
  2. Vendor sends invoices in PDF format, reading invoices and entering in to ERP system
  3. Entering suppliers , Customers in ERP system