RPA in Banking


Banking institutions has a huge scope of automation due to the large number of manual and mundane processes. With AI and Machine Learning, RPA improve frontend and backend process. AutomationEdge Robotic Process Automation offers highest level of customer experience by providing fastest, error-free response 24*7.

Financial institutions today are battling tough competition, workflow disconnects, and erroneous reporting. They require an efficient way to manage operational challenges and compliance. This is needed to secure their margins, and also to allocate resources to focus on investment and effective customer management. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help these organizations by expediting back office operations and freeing their resources for taking up customer-focus.

AutomationEdge can give differentiating factor to banking and financial institutions by freeing up talent from repetitive work. It provides operational efficiency and reduces costs with increased compliance. AutomationEdge reduces implementation cost with its simple and faster implementation process.

Robotic processes use artificial intelligence to help handle large volumes of repetitious tasks. It allows for efficient learning and processing of data patterns, which can have a lot of performance benefits for businesses, including:

  • Consider the top seven benefits of robotics in banking, especially when compared to traditional automation:
  •  Banking RPA does not require new core IT infrastructure change or upgrades. To the contrary, it’s a low-cost layer that sits on top and across all currently-installed banking applications.
  •  There is no coding requirement. Robotics in banking does not require coding experience.
  • Implementation is fast.  Robots can be tested in short cycle iterations.
  • It’s easy to change. A banking robot can be installed or updated in less than a week when banking processes change.
  • Minimal IT intervention is required. Front-line employees can be trained to maintain and “manage” their own banking robots.
  • RPA boosts morale. Banking robotics can actually increase the morale of human workers by reducing the burden of boring data-entry work.
  • Robots don’t need breaks. Banking robots can work 24/7—365 days per year. Banks don’t have to pay robots overtime or health insurance, or worry about them quitting.

Robotic Process Automation has ability to result in up to 95 percent savings in man-hours. Additionally the turnaround time and process accuracy improved significantly.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Lower Cost

High Accuracy

Regulatory Compliance

Ready Bots

Cognitive Capability

Higher Efficincy

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