RPA in Education Industry


There is not a single industry today that has not been enhanced by some form of automation. The education sector has started the move towards automation with technologies.
In the process of improving education system, technology has played the most important role in automating tasks, which were time-consuming and inconvenient. Automation can be used to assist all functions of the institution such as administrators, trainers, students and parents.
To eliminate the stress for teachers and administrators, some schools and colleges are adopting automating services. These include Robotic Process Automation
(RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA). The key features that were included into the new system include student registration, fee management and attendance management, grading process and certificate generation, admission process automation as well.

Educational processes where RPA can takes place:

  •  Tracking &; storing student’s information
  •  Timetable updates
  •  Seats Allocation
  • Merit list generation
  •  Appointment for admission generation
  •  Meeting scheduling
  • Progress reports
  •  Equipment reservations

While ensuring career success for students, can be a challenging endeavour for teachers. Not only teachers but also administrators are loaded with several responsibilities and duties that are cumbersome, repetitive, and time-consuming.
They simplify repetitive tasks for educators so they can focus their time and energy not on the paperwork on their desk, but instead on the students. It reduces the workload of official staffs involved in admission process. It will maintain the integrity and consistency of data.

Eventually one can easily extract the advantages of the technological advancements. It is not only going to stimulate the processes and functions but also help in the overall development and growth of the organization.
RPA can drastically reduce the human dependency for mundane tasks and increase productivity with reduced time. Well, since the educational sector is flooded with tedious tasks, implementing automation tools like robotic process automation (RPA) for education can be ideal.

Merits of using RPA in Education System:
There is scope for manual errors.
The system will save time than manual paper work.
Money spent on papers and files can be saved.
It will automate the records of availability of intakes in Departments.
It manages the admission process with less human effort.

Robotic Process Automation has ability to result in up to 95 percent savings in man-hours. Additionally the turnaround time and process accuracy improved significantly.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Lower Cost

High Accuracy

Regulatory Compliance

Ready Bots

Cognitive Capability

Higher Efficincy

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