RPA in Microfinance


Robotic process automation, or RPA, has been considered more beneficial addition to the areas of accounting and finance. These industries and departments are often highly regulated and require a great attention to detail. Because of these factors – namely, the need for reduced errors and quick output to meet the needs of clients as well as the rules of regulation – it lends itself well to the influence and assistance of robotics processes, especially automation.

For example, most customers are asked to fill out the Know Your Customer (KYC) form for opening an account. The form includes many customer details that need to be validated by banks as quickly as possible. Financial institutions adopt RPA tools to validate the customer’s identity by matching the data to the customer’s previously known records. The process is quick and accurate, helping banks deliver an optimal experience to their customers.

  • Reduced process costs: Some businesses find that handing over tedious, repetitive tasks to robotic
    automation can reduce over business costs, mainly in the form of reduced payroll.
  • Reduced task completion time: Robotics in accounts payable and other areas of finance can help
    bring down the time of task completion.
  • Reduced error: AutomationEdge RPA in finance and accounting can increase output quality by
    reducing or eliminating human error.
  • More control: Some businesses enjoy automating certain processes because it allows for them to
    have greater quality over certain aspects, a better understanding of procedures, and faster

Robotic processes use artificial intelligence to help handle large volumes of repetitious tasks. It allows for efficient learning and processing of data patterns, which can have a lot of performance benefits for businesses, including:

Robotic Process Automation has ability to result in up to 95 percent savings in man-hours. Additionally the turnaround time and process accuracy improved significantly.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Lower Cost

High Accuracy

Regulatory Compliance

Ready Bots

Cognitive Capability

Higher Efficincy

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